Scatterlings - Art by Renee Walden


Renee Walden - New Zealand Artist

Hello, I'm Renee Walden, and I paint the world around me.


For me there is no better way to get in touch with a place, and the people who live there, than to capture it on paper or canvas. By spending time painting outside and then again later in my studio from memory, I really to get to know places on a much deeper level. By sharing these paintings with others I hope to get them to see their world in a new light too.


I have a bold use of colour and texture when painting in both watercolours or mixed media. Sometimes my work is fairly representative of a scene, sometimes it is more abstract. But it is always a reflection of my love of place and the beauty that surrounds us..


To pause, to reflect and to look again at what surrounds us, will hopefully push us all the respect our world just a little bit more. This is my dream. This is my passion.




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