Renee Walden - New Zealand watercolour artist. Art & Illustration.

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Types of tutorials...

Full lessons of 'fine art' type paintings. These are the types of paintings I'd happily exhibit.

Quicker, looser paintings. The types of sketches I do in my sketchbook or when painting outside.

Sometimes I take my camera outside with me and you can join me sketching on location.

Lessons where we focus on some small, necessary skill. For example, how to paint a sky, a tree or stonework.

This is where I answer, in detail, any questions students may ask.

Once a month I set you a challenge. This is something to paint on your own, with tips from me, and based on something we've learnt in previous lessons.

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patreon and renee's studio

What lessons are available on my Patreon and Renee's Studio? Here is a list...

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65. Snowy red barn 64. Fireworks 63. Lighthouse with night sky 62. Gingerbread biscuits 61. Autumn silver birches 60. Robin in the snow 59. Sunlit ruin with stormy sky 58. Painting shadows 57. Little boats 56. Summer wildflowers 55. A group of white mushrooms 54. Historic Wolhuter Hut 53. Colour mixing with primary colours 52. Zebra 51. Ermita San Anton 50. A norwegian boathouse 49. A mountain climber 48. A mountain climber 47. Sunset over Aoraki / Mt Cook 46. A big snowy mountain 45. A little red house and a field of white flowers 44. A field of white daffodils 43. Old wood and corrugated iron in pen and watercolourd 42. A waterlily pond 40. An abandoned building in Alto Mijares 40. Five fun tricks in watercolour 39. Cañon del Rio Turia, Valencia, Spain 38. A little street in Chulilla, Valencia, Spain 37. An almond blossom orchard 36. The town of Chulilla, Valencia, Spain 35. Terraced houses in Chulilla, Spain 34. Stonework and brickwork 33. A barn in a field of dandelions 32. Ermita Sant Joan Del Codolar, Catalunya 31. The Eiffel Tower in spring 30. A butterfly on a cosmos flower 29. An historic coastal tower in Sardinia 28. An abandoned railway station 27. A winter scene in just 2 colours 26. A cathedral in Balaguer, Spain 25. A deer in the snow 24. Rustic barn in late autumn 23. 15 minute Christmas cards 22. Distant trees and forests 21. Autumn colours in the Pyrenees, Spain 20. A seagull 19. A lighthouse with stormy sky 18. Seascape in Asturias, Spain 17. Painting waves 16. Lavender field at Perigord Retreats 15. Giant sunflowers in front of an old barn 14. Golden Chervil 13. Mixing greens and painting summer trees 12. A barn in a field of summer wildflowers 11. Reflections of Castelnaud-La-Chapelle, France 10. Two summer postcards 9. Rustic barn in Señes 8. Shadows and light in Serveto, Spain 7. An old abandoned truck 6. Periwinkles 5. Old church in Siurana 4. Five skies in watercolour 3. Old boats on the north coast of Spain 2. Golden autumn 1. Ruined miner's hut, Welshtown, New Zealand


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