Renee Walden - New Zealand watercolour artist. Art & Illustration.

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Want to learn to paint bright, vibrant watercolours? Looking to enhance your skills? Learn how to paint in watercolours with me.

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There are now over 70 watercolour tutorials and each week there is a new lesson, including comprehensive guides on my techniques, from initial sketches to finished pieces. Your small monthly subsciption gives you access to everything.

Learn at your own pace, with real time videos and step-by-step lessons. You’ll find lessons on a wide range of subjects (I love to paint everything!) and there are lessons from basic skills through to full fine art paintings.

I have a Higher Diploma in Education, so I'm not just passionate about painting; I'm dedicated to teaching it effectively. My aim is to demystify the process, sharing not just the 'how' but the 'why' behind each stroke, empowering you on your artistic journey.

All content is in English. Videos have auto-generated subtitles in French, German and Spanish.