Renee Walden - New Zealand watercolour artist. Art & Illustration.

We'll be painting scenes similar to these two.

Painting snowy landscapes

Grab a hot drink, your paper, paints and brushes, and join me in painting some winter snow scenes.

There's so much fun to be had with snow scenes...
- capturing the mood of a very cold day
- playing with pastel colours of the shadows while reserving the white of the paper for the highlights
- creating depth in a landscape
- and painting with vibrance in scenes that often appear quite monochrome.

This mini workshop is 2 lessons, each lesson 3 hours long. In the first lesson we'll paint a little mountain cabin, all in cool colours. In the second lesson we'll paint some birches with a little birdie house (warm tones). You can join me for either lesson or for both.

Class dates …
Saturday 27 January and Saturday 03 February 2024, 6pm CET (Madrid).

Equivalent world times (please check I'm correct!)
London: 5pm
Los Angeles: 9am
Edmonton: 10am
New York: 12pm
Sydney: 4am (Sundays)
Auckland: 6am (Sundays)

Can't make it live?
A recording will be made of each lesson. If you can't make one or more sessions live, you can follow along with the recording in your own time.

Other info ...

- In each lesson there's plenty of time to ask questions. The classes are small and intimate and super fun!

- A couple of days before the lesson you will receive an email from me with the link to the Zoom class, a photo of the reference/s we will be painting, a drawing to copy if appropriate and a suggested materials list. Please check your SPAM folder if you don't receive any emails.

- You will need an A4 piece of watercolour paper taped on all sides to your board, some spare paper to take notes, watercolours and brushes (usually a 1in flat brush, a large round brush and a small round brush), water, pencil and eraser, and a fine pen with black or dark brown ink. A white gel pen could be handy too. 

- A recording of the class will be made and is available afterwards to those who are attending the course.

- All participants are able to send me their finished painting on our private Facebook group, along with additional questions, for a feedback. I'm always super kind ;-)

- The lessons will be about 3 hours long. Please schedule a little more time in your day in case we run over.

Costs (20 spots only)…
NZ$85 per person, per lesson (approx US$50) or NZ$150 if you book for both lessons (approx US$90)

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